In Memorium


(August 29,  1948  –  May 24,  2017)

Chandravadan came to Vancouver in April 1976 from India.  He was a renowned artist and photographer who gave his services free of charge to societies and associations in the lower mainland. We all have known him for many years of community service he has provided through his countless photographs!   Gandhi committee would like to express our sincere tribute to  Mr. Chandravadan Bodalia,  whose dedication and passion provided us with many memories of the events, for Gandhi Jayanti programs through his beautiful photos! His dedicated work will always be remembered by us, and his absence will be very noticeable every October 2nd for years to come!


(March 5, 1945   –   June 29, 2017)

Narendra came to Vancouver from Zambia in 1991.  Mr. Narendra Surti was a successful builder. In his spare time he has given his service to Indian community with a smile. He has been a stalwart member of Gandhi committee  for many years!   Despite the variable weather conditions, he was always present with a smile guiding people to the parking lot for all Gandhi Jayanti events.  And every October 2nd we will fondly remember him for all his humble services!